There is a lot of confusing and contradictory stuff available over social media as well as the internet for the planet rahu. this confusing and contradictory information boggles the mind of the users and lead them nowhere, leaving them more confused over rahu. as a practitioner of Indian astrology for more than two decades, I am able to recognize some important characteristics of rahu and in my drive to propagate the knowledge of astrology to all, I am sharing the same:


It is a very brilliant feature of Indian astrology that the complicated concepts have been animated so that they can be understood easily and retained in the memory in an effortless manner. Likewise, as the animated story goes, rahu is the head of the demon who had cleverly drunk some drops of the elixir (Amrit). and astronomically, rahu is a shadow planet i.e. it is an intersection point of the trajectory of moon with that of earth. First important thing about rahu is that it gives results, whether good or bad, while the person is undergoing its period. the period may the mahadasha, antar dash or pratyantardasha. and if rahu is conjunct with any other planet in the horoscope then, results of rahu are also seen if the person is undergoing the period of that planet. so, there is no reason to worry if rahu is not good in the horoscope and its period is not running. Rahu is highly energetic and depending upon the placement in the horoscope its results are either too good or too bad. whether good or bad it creates difficulty in taking decisions by the person. Even others e.g. doctors, judges, advocates, parents, friends, relatives etc., also are not able to form conclusion for that person. If the person is undergoing the period of rahu and he falls sick then, diagnosis of the disease becomes really difficult. If rahu is good in the horoscope, the person wins in speculation of any sort. In the period of rahu, many instances got created in which the person gets inferior treatment than he deserves. Rahu is such a powerful planet in astrology that it alone is capable to make the person reach tremendous heights in career and fame. In the period of rahu, the person always feels that there is no one to understand him and he is grossly underestimated. Period of rahu gives wavy structure of life, sometimes the person is too satisfied and sometimes too dissatisfied, sometimes feeling very healthy and other times feeling just opposite, sometimes feeling that he is wealthy and other times feeling that he is not that wealthy. If rahu is negative in the horoscope, it gives diseases, court cases, quarrels, etc. and if it is positive it gives immense wealth, awards, recognitions etc.

If rahu is positive in the horoscope, the person receives wealth from the sources which were not recognized by him.


Now I am going to share the remedies for rahu. these remedies will empower the positive effects and will help to reduce the bad effects of rahu. the remedies suggested by me have been taken from our ancient scriptures and holy books and no commercial angle is involved there. These remedies have been handpicked from numerous remedies. I have used these remedies and have found the same very effective for the purpose and are really very easy to undertake. Most important and most effective remedy if to make your servants happy and satisfied. servants mean anyone doing service for your pleasure or comforts e.g. peons, drivers, maids, sweepers, house boy/girl, nurses, assistants, security guards etc. the person should make them happy through words of appreciation, by giving them eatables, money, clothes, or anything useful to them. one should not say bad words to them or be ready to face the negative results of rahu. I wish I can use the word pamper in place of happy. Anyone can just try this remedy and see the results himself. Other effective remedy for rahu is practicing meditation. No, I am not a spiritual guru, but meditation nullifies the negative effect of rahu to a great extent and increases its positive results. no wonders that the life of many spiritual gurus stay so cool and sometimes magnanimous consistently. Meditation may be of any kind e.g. transcendental meditation, third eye meditation, Silva’s meditation etc. One more effective remedy of rahu is to throw a coconut in running river continuously for three days in the morning.

Anil Gupta
Note: This article is only for educational purpose.