As per the simple definition, astrology is the science if predicting future events on the basis of placement, movement and relative positions of the planets. And, because the calculations of the placement, movement and relative positions of the planets are based on astronomy so astrology and astronomy go hand in hand. If we go deeper into the understanding of astrology, it becomes clear that the birth chart depicts the mind, intellect and thought process pattern of the person and that pattern eventually decides his or her destiny. The twelve houses represents the different aspects of human life viz. health, career, studies, etc. and the planets placed in these houses within different constellations represent the condition of those aspects of life as well as the timing of life events. For better understanding of this concept let’s take the example of electrocardiogram (ECG), an ECG depicts the pattern of heart functioning, and the same may be decoded by an expert. Now, question may arise that are the planets of astrology and that of astronomy are different? The answer – yes
and no, both. Yes – because, the system of astrological calculations is developed in such a wonderful way that it matches or it uses the calculations of the astronomy. And no – because other than the calculations of movement, astrology has nothing to do with astronomical planets. This simply means that the sun in astrology is not the sun as in astronomy, and likewise for moon, mars, and so on. Sounds absurd? controversial? contradictory to common beliefs? Yes it is, that’s the actual understanding of astrology or Jyotish. Lack of this understanding is the main reason that people find the remedies provided by some astrologers as ineffective, because those remedies are based on the understanding of astronomical planets. Rather, the remedies based on the concepts of actual system of astrology are effective.

Anil Gupta
Note: This article is only for educational purpose.